BIRAL - Special High Performance Lubricants

BiRAL have over 50 years experience in designing and producing specialist lubricants. BiRAL provide special, very high performance lubricants capable of solving virtually any lubricating problem - even those that appear impossible - at the highest and lowest of temperatures and in the harshest of environments. BiRAL lubricants are manufactured free from CFCs, MoS2 and Lead additives.

Being the authorized agent for Biral, FARCON Singapore is able to meet customers' lubricating needs and provide technical assistance not only in Singapore, but also in neighboring countries like Malaysia and Indonesia.



BASC (anti seize & lubricating compound)

BiRAL BASC is an extreme temperature resistant lubricant and anti-seizing grease comprising micro-fined colloidal copper flakes homogenised into a non-volatile, non-melting carrier lube (contains no metallic lead or graphite). BASC prevents stainless steel and dissimilar metals, threads, fasteners etc. from galling, seizure and heat-freeze, permits re-use of components and saves stud and bolt-replacement. Enormously wide range of applications.

Operates from -54°C to +1000°C. Supplied in 450 g. tins w/brush in cap.


MPG (multi purpose grease)

BiRAL MPG is an excellent grease designed for general applications. Reliable dependable MPG is ideally suited for industrial, agricultural, mining and chemical engineering plants eg: plain/ball/roller bearings. MPG features a strong friction reducing lubricating film which prevents rust and corrosion whilst giving excellent protection against salt water and chemical attack.

Operates from -30°C to +150°C. Supplied in 400 g cartridges and 5/18/50/180 kg tubs/drums.


NMG (no melt grease)

BiRAL NMG is a long fibred, highly adhesive grease which does not melt or drip at high temperatures - even if ignited. Designed to withstand extremely heavy loadings at high temperatures. NMG also protects against corrosion, even salt water and aggressive chemical attack. Can be used at up to +300°C for short periods with frequent lubricating intervals.

Operates from -20°C to +270°C. Supplied in 400 g cartridges and 5/18/50/180 kg tubs/drums.


N-720 (long fibred adhesive grease)

Long fibred adhesive grease which does not drip at high temperatures. Should be used where-ever conventional greases drip or totally disappear over time because of heat, wear or wash-out. Excellent results for slow-running gears under heavy load and extreme environments. Protects against corrosion, salt water and most aggressive chemicals.

Supplied in 400 g cartridges and 5/18/50/180 kg tubs/drums.


N1-720 (long fibred adhesive grease)

BiRAL N1-720 is a long-fibred adhesive grease similar to BiRAL N-720, but with a thicker consistance. Also BiRAL N1-720 is excellently used for slow-running gears, and protects against corrosion, salt water and most aggressive chemicals.

Supplied in 400 g cartridges and 5/18/50/180 kg tubs/drums.


FIG (food industrial grease)

BiRAL FIG is a pure and harmless, completely non-toxic, waterproof grease. Specially formulated to meet the increasingly strict demands of the food/drink and associated industries; for lubricants, FIG provides good lubrication in all conditions.

Operates from -30°C to +100°C. Supplied in 200 g tubes, 400 gr cartridges and 5/18/50 kg tubs/drums.


LTG (low temperature grease)

BiRAL LTG is special lithium based grease designed to operate at severe sub-zero temperatures and freezing conditions: The low pour point of the base oil makes LTG easy to apply or pump at very low temperatures. LTG is recommended for moderately loaded roller bearings, worm gears, etc.: instruments and apparatus used in arctic conditions outdoors or in cold storage facilities.

Operates from -50°C to +80°C. Supplied in 400 g cartridges and 5 kg tubs.




T&D (thin superstrong lubricating film)

BiRAL T&D is a high pressure, precision lubricant which provides very long term clean lubrication. T&D provides an enormously strong, almost unbreakable lubricating film which fights corrosion and acid attack. T&D is outstanding for all steel-to-steel applications and provides excellent lubrication across a vast range of applications especially in electronics and plastics production. The performance of recommended mineral oils and/or hydraulic fluids can be vastly improved by adding BiRAL T&D as a fluid. While reducing friction and temperature T&D builds up an enormously strong, almost unbreakable lubricating film. T&D fluid is excellent for high speed gears and transmission, cylinders, crankshafts, valve-guides etc. BiRAL T&D is a highly concentrated lubricant, it reaches difficult places and leaves an exceptionally strong lubricating film. Highly recommended when setting up machinery and tools where very close tolerances are required, gives effective lubrication down to -40°C, and is an outstanding rust remover.

Operates from -40°C to +200°C. Supplied as aerosol and in unpressurised containers.


VG (visco grease)

Applied as a thin, easy-flowing liquid, BiRAL VG penetrates deeply before changing into a long fibred, highly adhesive non-drip grease film. VG is electrically non-conductive and gives outstanding protection from corrosion. VG solves many lubricating problems. BiRAL VG, a liquid grease with unique adhesive qualities & film strength, protects against rust & corrosion, and is ideal for chains & wires.

Operates to +130°C. Supplied as aerosol in 100 ml and 500 ml size.


VG-HT (visco grease - high temperature)

Sprayed initially as a thin liquid, VG-HT rapidly penetrates to normally inaccessible parts/components before setting to its grease consistency. The fine, non-drip grease film is incredibly strong and water repellent. Independent tests prove VG-HT to have the best corrosion inhibiting properties of all known lubricants even against SO2 (atmospheric corrosion). Excellent for lubricating precision components in plastics & electronics manufacture, production tools, gear wheels, sliding surfaces, offshore/maritime equipment eg; wire ropes, chains etc. where corrosion causes problems. BiRAL VG-HT is a liquid high-temp grease with unique adhesive qualities & film strength. It's water repellent , high-temperature resistant, no drop-point, and protects against rust & corrosion.

Operates from -20°C to +270°C. Supplied as aerosol and in unpressurised containers.


VG-ET (visco grease - extreme temperature)

A powerful synthetic lubricant which is sprayed as a thin liquid, penetrates deeply to inaccessible parts and sets to create a thin but unbelievably strong water repellent grease film. Consists of long fibres and has excellent adhesion properties. Leaves no carbon at high temperatures. BiRAL VG-ET - synthetic - is a liquid grease with exceptional quality, outstanding filmstrength and adhesive ability. - water repellant, sets to grease consistency, - gives long time lubrication, - gives high protection against rust and corrosion - ideal for all industrial precision application used under extreme conditions with high temperature and high pressure, - will not form any carbon.

Operates from -34°C to +270°C. Supplied as aerosol in 100 ml and 500 ml size.


JEEP (powerful combination cleaner and lubricant)

BiRAL Jeep is a very high quality, water repellent, strong lubricant and cleaner which also provides good rust protection. Jeep cleans off dirt, pollution, soot, contamination etc. and leaves a strong lubricating film. Unlimited industrial, maritime & domestic applications.

Supplied as aerosol in a 500 ml can.


OGW (open gear and wire compound)

BiRAL OGW is designed to provide an extremely long lasting, lubricating and anti-wear grease film for open gears, wire ropes and chains. OGW penetrates deeply, is water repellant, protects against rust and can be used under water. Extends service intervals. BiRAL OGW is a strongly adhesive anti-wear and extreme pressure lubricating film, protects against rust and corrosion, and resists water.

Operates from -25°C to +200°C. Supplied as aerosol and in unpressurised containers.


DL (dry lube - p.t.f.e.-based)

BiRAL DL provides a dry lubricating film with a friction co-efficient so low that virtually nothing sticks to it. DL is highly adhesive to the surface to which it is applied and lasts 5-6 times longer than conventional dry lubricants. Outstanding mould release for plastics & rubber production. Unlimited industrial, maritime & domestic applications. BiRAL DL is a fast drying lubricating film with a very low friction co efficient. Fluorcarbon is bonded in a heatresisting agent with a high adhesion to metal, plastics, rubber etc, contains no silicones, wax or oil, and adheres practically to any surface and will not stain paper or textiles. It's also a very effective release agent, and has an endless number of applications within industry, marine or home. Lubricates conveyors, saw blades, printing machines as well as zippers, gaskets mast and boom runners and squeeky windows.

Operates to +250°C. Supplied as aerosol in 100 ml and 500 ml cans.


PO (penetrating and corrosion-fighting oil)

BiRAL PO is a combined rust remover and lubricant. PO has exceptional penetrating qualities, rapidly freeing rusted or seized parts and its thin film prevents future rust and corrosion. BiRAL PO frees rusted assemblies and removes ruts, and lubricates to protects against further corrosion.

Supplied as aerosol and in upressurised containers.


SG (silicone grease)

For the lubrication of plastic, nylon, rubber, synthetic fibres, bushing and gears. Protects against corrosion; lubricates, isolats and preserves. Non toxic, heat stable and chemically neutral. Manufactured to give best possible results for the widest range of applications. BiRAL SG is a most efficient silicon spray that gives low electrical leakage loss under high humidity conditions, lubricates and protects rubber and plastic parts, nylon and fiber gears, and is an efficient parting agent for potting and moulding rubber, plastic, epoxies and polyester parts.

Operates from -50°C to +200°C. Supplied as aerosol in 100 ml and 500 ml cans.


ANTI SEIZE (anti-seize - high-temperature lubrication)

Highly resistant to water, naked flames and most chemicals, ANTI-SEIZE is a high pressure lubricant which prevents metal-to-metal contact and protects against galvanic corrosion in extremes of temperature. Apply to threads and screws for easy disassembly and re-use of components. Also improves torque tension on bolts etc. Resists drying out. BiRAL Anti-Sieze is a high temp anti-seize and lubricant for extreme loads. It prevents seizing and galling, effective up to +1100°C. Will not wash out with water, resistant to most chemicals and acid vapors, and prevents galvanic action between dissimilar metals.

Supplied as aerosol in 100 ml and 500 ml cans.




B I (oil concentrate)

BiRAL B I is an additive which reduces friction and strengthens load bearing power. It can be added to any approved oil recommended for the lubrication of combustion engines, compressors, central lubrication of industrial machinery eg: printing machines, stone crushers, mills, construction plant etc. B I prevents excessive temperatures and subsequent breakdowns. Its cleaning ability helps keep machinery and equipment in good condition. BiRAL B I is added (10-20%) to all recognized mineral lubricating oils. It will increase the filmstrength of the oil by 5, excellent to all types of machinery and engines, compressors, pneumatic drills, stone crushers, construction machinery, machine tools and printing machinery. Effecient lubrication of all types of oiled bearings.

Supplied in 5/20/200 liter cans/drums.


B II (oil stabilizer)

BiRAL B II added 10-20% to all recognised mineral lubricating oils improves the operation of worn engines and machines required to operate beyond their normal overhaul periods. B II increases oil pressure, quietens noisy engines, reduces excess oil consumption by forming a thicker oil film which maintains viscosity throughout the entire temperature range.

Supplied in 5/20/200 liter cans/drums.


BGC 7 (gear concentrate)

BiRAL BGC 7 added to the recommended oil (approx. 10%) produces a long-fibred lubricating oil with remarkable adhesive qualities. It is especially suitable for heavily loaded, low-speed gearing and power transmissions. Also ideal for all types of gears, transmissions, worm gears and gears operating in unusual positions/attitudes, eg: lathe beds and eccentric presses.

Operates to +90°C. Supplied in 1/5/20/200 liter cans/drums.


BTO (fuel additive)

BiRAL BTO added 0,25% to the fuel (petroleum or diesel) lubricates the "upper cylinder" regions. BTO reduces carbon, keeps jets clean and valves free. Wear on starting is reduced as is condensation and exhaust emissions.

Supplied in 1/5/20/200 liter cans/drums.


BIO 30 (synthetic industrial oil)

BiRAL BIO 30 is an extremely high quality synthetic industrial oil for a wide number of applications. BIO 30 leaves no carbon deposits and is highly oxidation resistant. An outstanding lubricant for conveyors operating under varying conditions/temperataures. BIO 30 is also excellent for compressors, hydraulic systems, mist and central lubrication systems.

Operates to +300°C. Supplied in 1/5/20/200 liter cans/drums.




SC (surface cleaner for metals and most plastics)

BiRAL SC is a water displacing agent for cleaning electric motors, brush holders, bearings, armatures etc. SC is non-corrosive and rapidly removes oil and grease, and evaporates quickly without leaving any oil film. of degreasing. BiRAL SC is a water displacing cleaner, effective for cleaning most metals including carbon, stainless steel, copper, aluminium etc. Cleans electrical motors, brush holders, bearings, armatures etc, and treats most types of plastics including polyester, polyethylene and polypropylene, also PTFE-based materials. BiRAL SC will not cause corrosion on metals.

Supplied in 500 ml aerosol cans.


Zi-Ga (Cold Zinc Galvanize)

BiRAL Zi-Ga is a one-component corrosion-inhibiting zinc coating for individual components which provides electro-chemical contact with metal. Stops corrosion and provides galvanic protection. BiRAL Cold Zinc Galvanize protects almost as effectively as galvanization. For use on anchors and other equipment exposed to wear and salt water. Steel structures, radio masts, high-voltage pylons, relay towers, connection boxes and transformers, etc. BiRAL Zi-Ga is a high quality rust-preventing ground coat for synthetic resin. Provides an excellent zinc layer with durable corrosion protection for all blank metals, iron, steel constructions, car bodies and parts which are extremely exposed to atmospheric influences.

Operates to +150°C. Supplied in 400 ml aerosol cans.


MP (mould and machinery protector)

BiRAL MP is possibly the best anti-corrosion spray available. It provides a dry film which protects all metals for up to 18 months, even if exposed to the elements on land or sea. MP has good lubricating properties and shows no negative influence on plastics or rubbers. Use MP to protect moulding tools, components and machinery during storage or transportation. BiRAL MP forms a colourless film which protects metal from corrosion, has good lubricating properties, and no negative influences on rubber or plastic materials.

Supplied in 500 ml aerosol cans.


RO (cleaner for plastic and rubber mould tools)

BiRAL RO's special resin stripping solvent rapidly removes virtually all thermoplastic materials including polyacetal, Pus, even flame retardent resins and rubbers. RO also removes baked/plated-on deposits of old mould release and other deposits which occur during moulding. RO's grease and grime removing properties can be utilised around the factory, garage or home. BiRAL RO is formulated for cleaning injection moulds. It also removes dirt and deposits from release agents with a minimum of risk of damage to moulds, effective on aluminium, steel, polyester and epoxy/composite moulds.

Supplied in 500 ml aerosol cans.