Nocraf Ultra Violet (UV) Adhesives

Living on the leading edge of bonding, coating, encapsulating and wire tacking technology, where there are many applications and production methods, and time is money, it's important to use fast curing adhesives.

Nocraf products are designed as high performance and an innovative high quality adhesive which is FARCON own brand of products.

FARCON has developed a wide range of Nocraf ultraviolet adhesives to help our consumers to determine which adhesives is the most suitable.



1000 Series - General Bonding

A single component, low viscosity ultra violet curable adhesive. It is formulated to yield high peel and shear strength. This adhesive forms resilient bonds and maintains its strength over a wide range of temperature.


2000 Series - Plastic Bonding

Provides excellent and instant durable bonds to a wide variety of plastics. Curing in seconds upon exposure to ultra violet (UV) light. Ideal for bonding transparent surfaces and for potting, sealing and coating applications.


3000 Series - Glass Bonding

Formulated to form high clarity, invisible and excellent bonds between glass and other substrates in mere seconds.


4000 Series - Metal Bonding

Fastest cure; bond ferrite to steel.


5000 Series - Elastomeric Bonding

Provide Fast cure, colorless bonds and high viscosity. Excellent flexibility, toughness and durability to moisture exposure.


6000 Series - Chemical Resistance Bonding

Is a single-component, solvent-free epoxy adhesive. May be used both as an adhesive and a protective coating. Highly resistant to moisture and chemical attack.


7000 Series - Weather-ability Bonding

This adhesive is capable to cure at low temperatures, require no mixing and provide excellent bond strength. Ideally suited for a wide range of electronics, industrial structural and many other applications.


8000 Series - Low Volume Shrinkage Bonding

Strong and versatile, which contain no solvents, the 8000 series has low volume shrinkage and cure when exposed to ultraviolet (uv) or visible light. They are cost-efficient adhesives, usually more economical than mechanical fasteners.