Cleanroom Wipes

FARCON Wipes is a comprehensive line of wipes that has a low particle count and low levels of metallic ions, which can be used in many applications and in the most critical areas.


Farcon Non-Woven Wipes is a strong, soft, highly absorbent non-woven blend of polyster and cellulose. Its sufficiently strong fibers are entangled so as to prevent lint generation, and provide good liquid retention and liquid wiping performance. Soft and suitable for wiping delicate surfaces, there are many areas of usage: Delicate Electronics Components, Optical Surfaces, Precision Machinery, Tape Transport Units, Laboratories, Printing Industries, Printed Circuit Board.



Farcon Polyester Wipes comprised of 100% continuous filament polyester fiber that is especially absorbent and clean. They are also extremely low in particle generation. In terms of use characteristics, Farcon Polyester Wipes pick up oil and solvent spills, as well as water, and at about two to three times the rate for cotton. Clean and static free, these wipers are a must in any environment that needs regular wiping and polishing.



Farcon Black Wipes have similar characteristics with Farcon Polyester Wipes, with the added advantage of being able to spot light-colored dust particle easily. Soft and dedicate, Farcon Black Wipes are able to pick up particles liked glass particles, cosmetic powder, etc without scratching the object surface.



Farcon Micro Fiber Wipes is a micro fiber cleaning cloth wiper constructed from a continuous filament micro denier, super soft polyester/nylon textile resulting in enhanced absorbency and contamination pickup versus traditional polyester wipes. Woven from an abrasion resistant fabric to minimize in-use particles from the face of the wipe.