Syringe Grease

Farcon Syringe Grease started from a request for a lubricant that can allow precision placement machines to maintain the precise tolerance for a longer period of time, and lubricant must be packed into a small amount as specified. The packaging must also allow easy application of the grease. Given these requirements, Farcon Singapore came out the Farcon Syringe Grease as the solution.

Farcon Syringe Grease delivers value by providing optimum performance, especially when they are useful under heavy load conditions and in inaccessible parts where the supply of lubricant cannot easily be renewed.


Engineering Ceramics

Many industries are moving from stainless steel to ceramic machine parts due to the advantageous properties of ceramic. Ceramics like Alumina and Zirconia, also known as engineering ceramics, have superior mechanical, electrical, and thermal properties ideal for quality components. The durability of engineering ceramics makes it ideal for mechanical and thermal loads that are abrasive and in chemically harsh environment. Engineering ceramics is a key component for high-tech industries, such as semiconductor and LCD, where high precision, high durability, high cleanliness are desired. Farcon Singapore customized engineering ceramics as requested.